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KievDent is an international clinic specializing in dental tourism located in Kiev, Ukraine. We provide dental care services of the excellent quality with reasonable costs for over 10 years. And of course we have built a wealth of experience in dental tourism.  Our professional and friendly specialists will do the best for you to feel comfortable, well cared for and confidently able to recommend us to your friends.  The clinic is completely equipped with everything necessary for high quality dental treatment and operations. Whilst working with modern materials and leading world dental branded technologies, we strive to keep costs as affordable as possible. We respect each and every patient and will provide support throughout each stage of your dental treatment abroad and during your stay in Ukraine. If you decide to find dentist overseas, we might be one of your best choice!

Few points why choose our clinic for your dental treatment abroad:

-       Professional dentists. Quality of dental treatment is guaranteed by our doctors’ membership in the European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery, West Sussex, UK
-       Reasonable costs for services with modern facilities and European technologies and materials
-       High reputation of the clinic:  Winner of the nomination ‘Lieder of the Dental Industry of Ukraine 2008 and 2012’; Award "Star of Quality 2011" as the best provider of dental services of Ukraine, etc.

-      Positive travel tips: no visa needed for visitors from EU, US, Canadian and Japan staying for up to 90 days; some low cost flights to the Ukraine from EU; lots of beautiful places to see in Kyiv and Ukraine, etc. 
We welcome you to take advantages of the dental treatment with us! 

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Some Prices for Dental Treatment with ‘KievDent’:
   A.  Dental crowns:
  - Porcelain fused to metal crown, IPS “D.SIGN” (Ivoclar): GBP 80
 - Porcelain fused to metal crown on Israel Implant, IPS “D.SIGN” (Ivoclar): GBP 100
 - Full ceramic crown, Oxide Cercon: GBP 250
   B.  Dental Implants (Life Time Warranty):

       Standard quality

 -  U-impl, Switzerland:  GBP 120
MIS Implants, Israel:  GBP 120

- Alpha Bio Implant (Nobel Group) /  AB Dental Implant /  Omega Implant, Israel: GBP 150

      Premium quality

-      Astra Tech Implant,  SwedenGBP 240

-      Anthofit Anthogyr Implant, France: GBP 300

-      Axiom Anthogyr Implant, France: GBP 430
-      Bio Horizons Implant, USA: GBP 600 

 C. Veneers: from GBP 200
 D.  Complex scaling (soda jet): GBP 50

 E. Orthognathic surgery: from GBP 3 500


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